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How to Train a Maltipoo

2 Types of Training

There are 2 types of training that you will want to do with your Maltipoo:

1) House training for bathroom needs
2) Command Training - This is for everything from not chewing on shoes to sitting, to heeling...Just about everything that your little guy will need to learn about proper behavior.

This page is dedicated to how to train your Maltipoo in regard to behavior issues and command training.


There are certain basic commands that every dog should know. And this is a domino effect... For example, in order for your pup to heel properly with you when you are walking, they should sit when you order it, so that you may attach the harness and leash. Here are the commands that should be taught first:
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
Sit - Training for this can begin as soon as 8 weeks old. Of course, a rambunctious, hyper little puppy will need some time to catch on....However, this comes in need in many situations.....It should be done before their food is set down, When you wish to attach their harness and leash for a walk, when you are grooming them, when visitors come over (if they are generally hyper....nipping and barking at visitors), and more. This is the most basic training and should be taught before all other commands.

Stay - This is much different then "come"....Although the 2 can go hand-in-hand. Stay will mean for your Maltipoo to stop all action and stay by your side, no matter what the situation. As the dog becomes accustomed to listening to this word, it should be automatic. Let's say for example, you are at a dog park and your Maltipoo spots a group of dogs and makes an action to show that they are about to dash over. A quick, confident "Stay" should be able to keep your puppy or dog from doing so.....Remaining at your side until you give the "okay" to run and play.

Come - This is an important part of Maltipoo training. You will need for your dog to come to you for many reasons.....To eat dinner, to have bath time, to be given medication, etc. It is important that your dog does not associate this word with something negative. In other words, if you only give the "come" command for medication time, bath time (if they do not like baths), to put them into their gated off area, etc....They will learn that it is in their best interest to ignore this word.

For this reason, an owner should balance this out with pleasurable events after this command is given... treats, dinner time, play time, etc.

Down - This will be used if your Maltipoo is jumping on you or other people... if they are trying to play with another, smaller animal such as a turtle, bunny, etc....If they are trying to scratch their way up onto your sofa, etc. You will find, as time goes on, that their are countless times when this comes in handy.

We know of an owner who taught this word just in time.... Her Maltipoo was excited and dashing toward the street....And a car, driving down the street, was about to crash right into him.....With one loud, stern "Down", the dog dropped to the ground and stayed in place....Saving his life. 
Words Not to Teach

While it may seem harmless and some owners do this in fun as a sort of joke, there are a couple of words that we suggest NOT teaching your Maltipoo:

Attack, "sic 'em", etc - While this may be done in jest, it is not fun to have a dog that thinks that they are doing good to nip or even 'playfully' attempt to bite at your visitors. While small, a bite can hurt and be deep enough to draw blood. Also, your Maltipoo will never be socially adapted to meeting strangers, visitors, etc. Therefore, this word should not be used in '"fun". It can get a dog so riled up, they don't know joking around from a serious command and saying these words to a dog can lead to disturbed behavior. 

Beg - While some owners believe that is a nice "trick" to have a dog learn to balance on hind legs and be in the "begging position", this can lead to actual, real begging... Most definitely a behavior problem that you will want to avoid. Once a dog falls into a begging behavior, this can take a lot of time to reverse. It's best to avoid this command altogether. There are others ones that can be taught instead such as 'give' and 'drop' which lead to a much better behaved dog.
Maltipoo training
Training Tips

1. Reward with special treats, not one that your dog would receive throughout the day anyway. This can be a small piece of crisped bacon (one sliced of microwaved bacon with grease dotted off with a paper towel is only 15 calories and can be broken up into 4 or 5 reward pieces). Other healthy options are sweet blueberries or raspberries. 

2. Reward at the exact moment that your Maltipoo is in the correct position or has just done the command that you asked for. If the rewards are buried deep in your pockets and you have to go searching, it will be too late and your dog will not understand exactly what they did to receive the reward. 
3. It is best to train when your puppy or dog is hungry. Therefore, right after dinner is not a good time. 

4. Be consistent. When you're training your Maltipoo, you expect him or her to be consistent and learn to deliver the same action or behavior on command, so you need to be consistent as well when teaching. Try to have sessions at the same time each day that last for approximately the same time. Always teach in the same manner, using the exact same words and praise. 

5. Be patient. If your dog obeys a command in one day, this does not count as mastering the command, it was just good luck. With good effort on your part, a puppy or dog will learn a command within 2 to 3 weeks. Once that happens, be sure to give that command on a regular basis; if not a dog can forget what you worked so hard to instill. 
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