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Maltipoo Dog Information

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Your 1-Stop Center for Maltipoo Information

The Maltipoo is one of the most popular hybrid dogs.  In fact, this breed is so loved and owners so devoted, that it is very possible that the Maltipoo may one day become recognized as its own breed.

A mix of the Poodle (often toy, but sometimes miniature) and the Maltese, the Maltipoo holds many wonderful qualities.

He is a small dog that fits well into a variety of household sizes. With hair, as opposed to fur, he is well-tolerated even for those with allergies. And, the Maltipoo has an amazing, friendly personality.

Intelligent, eager, and energetic, the Maltipoo is a wonderful canine family member. 
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Behavior & Temperament

This breed is very friendly and lively and makes for a wonderful family pet. 

Most Maltipoos get along very well with other dogs in the household; though they may be a bit shy or reserved with larger, unknown dogs.

Puppies are filled with energy and can get really revved up until about the 1 year mark, as they transition into adulthood. 

Typically, Maltipoos bond very closely with their humans. With the bloodline of the Poodle (bred to work closely with owners as water dogs) and the Maltese (bred to be loving lap dog companions), this hybrid dog thrives on contact, interaction and love. 

This is an active dog that likes to stay engaged and be where the action is. Sensitive to and very aware of his environment, most Maltipoos need some socialization to get used to new things, and do best in calm, peaceful households.

Maltipoo Stats

Pronunciation: MAULT-eh'-Poo
Common Misspellings: Maltepoo, Maltapoo
Alternative Names: Moodle, Malt-A-Poo, Multapoo, Multipoo, Malte-Poo, Maltapoo, Multapoo, Multi-Poo, Maltese-Poodle, Malt-oodles, MaltiPoodle.
Nickname: mPoo
Breed History: A cross between a purebred Toy Poodle and a purebred Maltese
Weight: 5-12 lbs (2.27-5.44 kg)
Height: 8 to 14 inches average (20.32 to 35.56 cm)
Size Class: Toy size
Life Expectancy: 15 years
Maturity: Adult at 1 year old
Average Litter Size: 4-6 puppies
Shedding: Non to Light (Depending on strength of Poodle genes in the dog)
Recognition: CKC -Continental Kennel Club (registers in the "Non-Purebred Miscellaneous Category)
                    ACHC - American Canine Hybrid Club
                    DKC - Designer Dogs Kennel Club
                    DBR - Designer Breed Registry
Specialty Clubs: National Maltipoo Club
                             Maltipoo Club of America
Purpose: Companion 

Color Overview

The most popular color is white, however since the Toy Poodle comes is such a wide variety of colors, Maltipoos come in a rainbow of assorted colors...these can sometimes be solid or sometimes be a combination of 2 or more colors (which is called parti).

In most cases, the pure white coat of the Maltese will mix with the colored coat of the Poodle and produce a coat that is on the light side of the spectrum. Here is a overview:
  • White - The will be a pure white with no other colors or shadings.
  • Gold - A shiny, bright golden color, similar to what one envisions on a healthy, clean Golden Retriever.
  • Grey - This is a light gray, looking akin to a "smoky" hue.
  • Cream - An off white and very light as not to be mistaken for tan or golden
  • Apricot - This is a golden orange, quite amazing.
  • Black - Very rare. However, the Bb gene always overpowers the white or lighter colors. 
More about Maltipoo Colors

Health Overview

Each type of dog breed has their own set of health issues that they are prone to via genetics. Maltipoos are prone to have have certain medical problems, both as their own crossbreed and also they can inherit health issues from either the Poodle or the Maltese dogs or both, despite the issue of hybrid vigor. 

This does not mean that your dog is sure to have a certain disease or health issue; we will help you know the signs and symptoms to keep an eye on. Regular checkups are important to keep your dog's good health maintained. In many cases health problems can be avoided with proper care. 

We will look at all of the elements of keeping your canine family member as healthy as possible. See: Health Problems
owner with Maltipoo dog
We are dedicated to the health and happiness of the Maltipoo...And we are here for all loving owners.

Always Fresh

Dedicated to the love and care of the Maltipoo, we are constantly updating and adding new information so that owners can be knowledgeable and educated. Every month, we offer you a chance to learn something new about your canine family member via new pages and updated content.

This ranges from from amusing quirks to serious health issues and advice on various topics of care, grooming, housebreaking, command training and much more. Here, you'll always find something helpful and interesting to read about.

When you Become a Free Member, this is the best way to always stay informed. And If you have a certain issue that you wish to learn more about, you may submit your suggestion. 

Popular Sections

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The top care tips to follow to ensure that your Maltipoo is being taken care of in the best possible way. Life can get busy and sometimes, certain tasks can fall off to the side. See how many you are following and where there is room for improvement. 
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This is one of the biggest challenges that owners face; however, if you strictly follow some important guidelines, your puppy can learn rather quickly. Read about how to set things up, get over the most common hiccups and find fast success. 
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What you choose to feed your Maltipoo for main meals and what you offer for snacks will have both short term and long term consequences, for the good or for the bad. A nutritional diet that is free from inferior food, chemical additives, and artificial flavoring is needed to keep a Maltipoo healthy and to avoid reactions such as upset stomach or food intolerance. 
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If there was one area of care that is most overlooked, it would be dental care. And this is really a shame, because it has a direct impact on both a dog's health and quality of life. Plaque buildup leads to decay, and this in turn can lead to infection, loosening and loss of teeth. 
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Having the right toys can make a world of difference. And you don't really need to have that many; you must need to have ones that truly meet your puppy or dog's needs. Good toys can help with everything from chewing urges, to boredom, and even how your Maltipoo does when home alone. 
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The Maltipoo is an active dog with a healthy amount of energy, so it is important to do all you can to meet exercise requirements. This can be a bit tricky when the day is busy and/or the weather is not in agreement. However, without a good outlet, a lack of enough activity can lead to pent-up energy that is directed in negative ways. 

Different Coat Types

There are 3 basic coat types with Maltipoo puppies and adults. The coat varies depending on whether the Poodle or Maltese genes are most dominant.

Straight and SilkyThose with more Malt in them will tend to have a white or light coat The texture is very soft and silky and it will be predominantly straight. They have a resilient coat that will not tangle as much as the other types. The coat will be rather thick, ranging from medium to very dense. 

This allows for a great deal of play in regards to clippings and trims...Left to grow long, it may be parted down the center and left to grow to floor length..or trimmed for an easy "Puppy Cut".
Thick and Curly - Poodle dogs have very curly hair, therefore if those genes are dominant, the Maltipoo will have a thick, curly coat. The texture will be rougher than the above mentioned Straight & Silky and is more prone to matts and tangles. 

Proper clippings should be done for maintenance, otherwise the hair can grow out of control and become quite a mess. Tangles should be dealt with when they are first noticed (and very small) as they can quickly grow. Once they are too large to be untangled, an owner will have no choice other than to clip it off (which is can be done with a mat remover tool).

Wavy and Wiry - This, luckily, is the most rare type and professional breeders will never strive to create such a coat. The wiry texture makes the coat very hard to groom, maintain a trim, or keep tangles away. 
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Just about 20% of dogs have some level of allergies. This can be environmental like pollens and grasses, contact which are elements that the dog comes into contact with such as carpeting, or food allergies. Though it can take some time to pinpoint the triggers, most dogs can be treated to find relief. 
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for a fun comparison & of course, The Maltese Vs the Maltipoo

A fun and informative side-by-side look at the Maltipoo and each of the purebreds that are in his bloodline. Size, color, health, and more.
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Expect for your Maltipoo's coat color to look a lot different as he matures from puppy to adult. Due to the Poodle's fading genes, the coat will most likely go through a color transition. A great look at this with photos showing some dramatic changes.  
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A great, organized list of what you need and what you don't. And for those items that are necessities, a look at top recommendations. For optimal health, happiness, comfort, and safety, these are the things that you'll need for a Maltipoo of any age. 
Maltipoo adult dog

We are Dedicated to this Breed

This amazing canine is one of the most lovable, loyal, funny, friendly, happy, obedient, and beautiful dogs in the world, the Maltipoo can be found in a wide range of luscious colors and will range in size from tiny to sturdy small teddy bear size...

If you already have a Maltipoo or are thinking about bringing one into your home, please stay a while to learn all about this amazing designer breed that is sure to one day be recognized by all major clubs.

To help you get off to a great start, we've complied the Top 10 Questions about Maltipoos, along with great, detailed answers. We are dedicated to keeping you informed about every topic that an owner should know about.
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"From the dog's point of view, his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog."
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