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Supplies (Recommended Essentials - Main Page)

Maltipoo Supplies - Recommended Essentials


It can sometimes seem overwhelming to figure out exactly what sort of supplies you should have for a Maltipoo puppy or dog. And even if you see a list, then comes the question of exactly which items are best. After all, there are countless beds, grooming tools, bathing supplies and more; just how do you weed out those which are worth obtaining?

Here, we'll go over a short list of needed supplies. Then, in an ongoing project, we will cover these in more detail, regarding why they are needed and how to choose the best ones. 

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List of Supplies

To begin, this is a list of supplies that will be needed for any Maltipoo puppy or dog. While technically a dog can survive without some of these items, this is what is recommended for optimal health, safety, comfort and happiness. 
  • An indoor portable canine playpen
  • A quality canine bed
  • The right food and water bowls
  • A 5-star main food and healthy snacks
  • A method to offer filtered water
  • Leash, harness, collar, ID tags
  • Clothing for wintertime weather
  • Proper paw and nose products
  • Dental care items
  • Toys that fit the needs of the Maltipoo
  • Coat supplies (bathing products, brushes, etc.)
  • Nail clipper or grinder
  • A certified canine car seat
  • Basic first aid items

Sections Available Now

Here, you'll see the sections available now that show details of why each supply is needed, how it can help your Maltipoo and recommendations on choosing the best in each category. 


If there was one supply that was most often not given enough thought, it would be toys. It's not unusual for owners to grab a bunch of toys as often as they can, essentially creating a huge collection. However, it's also common for most of those toys to be ignored.

Yet, if you think of toys as being tools and take the time to select just a few really good ones, this can make huge improvements in a puppy or dog's general well-being. From stopping destructive chewing... to helping a pup stay entertained... to being a huge aide in wiping out separation anxiety, the right toys can make a world of difference. 

Car Seats

Whether you take short drives or long ones, having your Maltipoo be comfortable and happy to be in the car is important. 

Did you know that the right type of car seat is one of the proven methods to help prevent motion sickness? In this article, we cover the top 7 remedies, how to choose the best car seat, and safety tips.

Read more about Maltipoo car travel


When a dog is cold in the winter, this can affect him in several ways:
  • Reluctance to being outside can interfere with housebreaking.
  • Intolerance to the cold can limit important daily exercise, which is vital to good health and to release pent-up energy (a must to break through cabin fever)
  • Feeling chilled can cause shivering and shaking that last long after the dog is brought back inside

Shampoo & Coat Products

Every product you do or do not put on the coat has a huge affect in both the health of the skin and coat, and a Maltipoo's appearance. Inferior products can lead to skin issues (dryness, itchiness, peeling). And without proper coat protection, the coat can develop terrible texture due to dryness, frizz, and/or split ends.

It's important to understand what each product: shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in spritz, is meant to do, and how to choose the right ones for your Maltipoo. 

Setting up the Right Area - Playpens

Crates are too stifling, and gating off a room often gives a puppy or dog too much space to get into trouble. The answer is to have a properly sized indoor canine playpen.

These can be a tremendous help with everything from housebreaking to separation anxiety, and even with teething issues if your pup is ripping things apart. 

What you put into the playpen is just as important. 

Coming Soon...

We read every email sent to us and realize that many of you are looking for exact recommendations on a variety of supplies. We will be working hard to provide details on what you'll want to have to ensure optimum health, happiness, safety and comfort. 

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