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Maltipoo Supplies - Recommended Essentials


It can sometimes seem overwhelming to figure out exactly what sort of supplies you should have for a Maltipoo puppy or dog. And even if you see a list, then comes the question of exactly which items are best. After all, there are countless beds, grooming tools, bathing supplies, and more; just how do you weed out those which are worth obtaining?

Here, we'll go over a list of needed supplies and then we will cover many of these in more detail, regarding why they are needed and how to choose those that will be best for your Maltipoo. 

List of Supplies

To begin, this is a list of supplies that will help you care for a Maltipoo puppy or dog. While technically a dog can survive without some of these items, this is what is recommended for optimal health, safety, comfort, and happiness. 
  • Accessories, this may include a leash, harness, collar, and ID tag
  • A quality canine bed'
  • Body care items including paw wax, nose balm, and skin lotion
  • Appropriately sized, quality food and water bowls
  • A method to offer filtered water
  • Brushes, combs, and optionally a mat remover (typically just for medium to long coats)
  • A safe canine booster car seat
  • Clothing for wintertime weather and/or rainy days
  • 100% all-natural, top-quality main food and healthy snacks
  • An indoor portable canine playpen
  • Pee pads (until house training is complete; though, may be needed after this, depending on whether or not your dog is home alone)
  • Dental care items
  • Shampoo and coat supplies
  • Separation anxiety aids
  • Toys that address certain needs
  • Nail clipper or grinder
  • Basic first aid items
And next, we will go into more details to help you choose which types of items are most appropriate for your puppy or dog. 


Leash - There are two types that most owners will find to be helpful. An retractable leash is great for taking walks and to allow your Maltipoo a bit of freedom to search out the 'perfect spot' when you take your dog outside for housebreaking. A short 4 or 6-foot leash with a soft handle is perfect for tethering your pup to you when you are supervising your pup to prevent housebreaking accidents in the house. The soft handle allows you to slip it through your belt loop or over your wrist. 

Harness - Toy and small breeds are prone to neck injuries, including the very painful collapsed trachea. While weak cartilage rings are the leading cause, pressure on the neck that occurs from being on leash and collar is a contributing factor. To help prevent this, slip a harness on your Maltipoo whenever you have your dog on leash. The harness distributes pressure over the chest, back, and shoulders, and not the neck. 

Collar - If you always have your Maltipoo on harness, a collar is not a 'must'. However, a lightweight one may be used to hold ID tags. 

ID tags - Dogs never escape or run when owners expect it; so, always be prepared by having ID tags on your Maltipoo.. The tag should list your cell phone # and address. 
Below are recommendations for both types of leashes, and some super-comfortable harnesses that fit Maltipoo of all sizes. Note that on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

Beds & Cots

If you're wondering if your Maltipoo needs a bed, the answer is a resounding 'yes'. The best place for your puppy or dog to sleep, and the ideal spot for your Maltipoo to be when you are not home is within an indoor canine playpen, (see, Playpens), that holds a quality bed. 

The type of bed matters, as well. Let's look at the options:

Bolstered bedMost pups like to feel as secure as possible, and a bolstered bed will provide a feeling of safety. It will also help keep a puppy warm, since they can have trouble regulating body temperature.

Memory foam / orthopdedic - While dogs of all ages can benefit from these, adults definitely should have memory foam (orthopedic) beds; these offer the right type of support for joint health and can help prevent future mobility issues. For seniors with arthritis, this is a 'must'. 

Flat mattresses - There are some dogs that really like lying on the floor, and for these Maltipoo, a flat mattress memory foam is a good choice. It will offer the right type of support, but still allow a dog to be down at ground level, if he prefers that. 

Elevated cots - These are are mainly used in the summer to help a dog feel cool. These allow for air flow under the body, which is great for hot summer days. Cots can be used both indoors and out. 
Below are our recommendations for each type of bed and cot. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

Body Care - Paws, Nose, Skin

Paws - There are some issues that can cause problems with the paws. At the top of this list are allergies; itching due to allergies often manifests on the paws with chewing or nibbling at them. For this reason, if your suspect that your puppy or dog is dealing with this, you may want to read more about Maltipoo allergies
For regular upkeep, paw wax can help in several ways: 
  • In the summer, it offers a layer of protection from hot walking surfaces; even so, do take care since hot pavement can reach over 140 F and should be avoided.
  • In the winter, it offers protection from frozen surfaces which can dry out the paws, helps prevent snowballing (when snow gets stuck between pads and/or toes, melts, and then re-freezes which can stretch out the skin), and gives a dog good traction. 
  • Year-round, it keeps paw skin healthy and moisturized. 
For paw issues, a good wax can:
  • Heal dry, peeling, and/or cracked skin
Please note that cracking deep enough to cause bleeding or pus discharge should be treated by the veterinarian. 

For maintenance, wax should be applied every 1 to 2 weeks. For treating issues, it can be applied 1 to 2 times per day. 
Nose - Noses can become dried, which then leads to peeling. This may worsen to cracking. In the winter, it's not uncommon for a dog's nose to become chapped. And while it is good for a dog to receive some sunlight on the nose (it helps a dark nose retain its color), too much sun can also cause drying and other issues.

For this reason, it's always a good idea to have some nose butter on hand. For maintenance, apply once a week. To help resolve drying, peeling, and cracking, this may be applied up to 3 times per day.
Skin - There are countless skin issues; however, the most common are itching, rashes, and hot spots. While you will want to investigate the source of any skin issue to resolve the trigger, there are also products that can offer relief. 
Our recommended paw wax, nose balm, and skin lotion are below. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

Bowls and Water Filtering Method

What to know about bowls - Plastic bowls should be avoided. Even those labeled BPA free can cause contact allergies. In addition, eating or drinking from plastic bowls can cause discoloration of nose pigmentation over time. Both stainless-steel and ceramic bowls are good choices; however, since ceramic can crack or shatter, stainless-steel is our top choice. 

In regard to sizing, you'll want the bowl to be small enough that your Maltipoo can easily reach all of the kibble and water, and shallow enough so that your dog's forehead does not thump the rim. 

To keep things nice and tidy, you may find that a set that is fitted into a base works well; this catches spills and keeps the bowls from sliding. 

What to know about water - Tap water in the US contains hundreds of toxins. While many are regulated, which means that they are allowed to be present in small amounts, there are a slew of contaminants to be concerned about. This includes fluoride, which is toxic to canines, chloride, arsenic, fuel waste, factory run-offs, pesticides, and even Chromium-6 (the cancer-causing agent that was put into public awareness via the Erin Brockovich movie) which has been found to be in the drinking water of over 2 million Americans. 

For these reasons, we highly recommend never giving your Maltipoo unfiltered tap water. Options include offering spring water, installing a filter to your kitchen tap, or using a filtering water pitcher. 
Recommended bowls and a highly effective filtering water pitcher are below. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

Brushes, Combs, and Mat Removers

Brushes - You may be wondering what type of brush is best for a Maltipoo, since there are several types to choose from. 

Slicker brushes are usually meant for thick double coats like Pomeranians or thick curly coats like purebred Poodles. Bristle brushes are typically designed for very short coats like smooth coat Chihuahuas. However, pin brushes are often best for breeds with hair as opposed to fur, like the Maltipoo. 

There are several types of pin brushes, and those with rounded, polished pin tips are best, since this will prevent you from accidentally hurting your puppy or dog as you brush and it the tips will gently massage the skin as you brush, which is great for blood circulation to the hair follicles. 

You'll want to make sure that the brush is appropriately sized for your Maltipoo, to help you easily reach all areas of the body.

CombsA comb is great for touching up the hairs around the face. And, if your Maltipoo has a medium to long coat that is able to develop mats (tangles), you will also want to have a comb. The technique is to comb, brush, and then comb. This allows you to carefully look for mats before doing a full brushing. And the final comb allows for a finished look. 

Typically, a stainless-steel two-level comb works best; this is because the side with the fine teeth works on the face and the side with the wide teeth works best on the body. 

Note that the coat should never be dry-brushed. Doing so can lead to static and split ends. Always mist with a leave-in spritz. See, Shampoos and Coat Products

Mat remover - This is only needed for dogs that have long enough coats to develop a mat. If you find a mat while combing, you'll want to first try to work it out by hand, using a coat conditioner to lubricate the knot. If you cannot remove it by hand, clipping it off is often the recommended next step. If a mat is left alone, it can grow, pulling in more and more hairs which pinch the skin. Mats have no end to their growth, and can eventually cover a large area. 
Recommended grooming tools are below. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

Car Seat

If there was one supply that had the most direct impact on your Maltipoo's immediate health and life, it's a car seat. It's no exaggeration that this can prevent terrible injury and even death. 

No one expects a car accident; however, in the US there are over 16,000 collisions every day. The majority occur within 3 miles of home. Any pet that is not secured will be thrown, and the force at which a pet is thrown is determined by speed and weight of the dog. This figure is known as 'crash force'. 

Going just 40 MPH, a 15 lb. unrestrained dog would be thrown as if he is a 600 lb. object. At 55 MPH, that same dog would be thrown as if he was an 825 lb. object.

Aside from keeping your Maltipoo safe, just as you would with a child in the car, another reason for a car seat is that it helps prevent motion sickness. The right ones keep a dog's body secure which prevents swaying, and will allow a dog to see out of the windows which helps correct the disconnect of information (feeling movement but not seeing it) that are leading causes of motion sickness. 

The best type of car seat is an appropriately sized, sturdy booster seat. Note that the inner connector is meant to be clipped to the o-ring of a dog's harness (see harnesses under Accessories above), and not a collar. Using a collar while in a car seat can cause serious neck injury. 
Read more about Maltipoo car travel or see below for top recommendations. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 


This is not a 'must' for every puppy and dog; however, depending on the type of weather you receive in your area, and your Maltipoo's tolerance for it, you may find that certain pieces of clothing can be helpful. 

When a dog is cold or if there is inclement weather such as heavy rain or snow, this can affect a dog in several ways:
  • It can interfere with housebreaking
  • It can limit important daily exercise, which is vital to good health and to release pent-up energy (which may otherwise manifest as restless behavior, barking, etc.)
  • Feeling chilled can cause shivering and shaking that can last long after the dog is brought back inside
If it is chilly out, often a soft shirt or sweatshirt is all that is needed. On days with heavy rain, a waterproof rain jacket can be very beneficial, and on freezing winter days a lined vest can help keep a dog maintain core body temperature. 
Read more about choosing clothing for Maltipoos or see below for recommendations. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

Food, Snacks, and Treats

Main meals - There are so many dog food brands that it may seem overwhelming trying to figure out which is best for your Maltipoo puppy or dog. A majority of them contain at least one ingredient that can be detrimental to dogs, with intolerance or allergic reaction being a top concern. 

You'll want to avoid kibble with synthetic preservatives, artificial coloring dyes, artificial flavoring, generic meats or oils, by-products, high wheat content, soy, corn, and fillers such as hulls, husks, mill runs, gluten meals, and cellulose. 
Snacks - Snacks should be held to the same standards as dog food. These are meant to offer nutrition and energy in between meals. This helps avoid drops in blood sugar levels which are common with young pups, and gives dogs of all ages fuel on a level basis. You'll find that dry, crunchy treats are best for this purpose, and most dogs do well with 3 to 4 a day. 

Training treats - These as well should be held to high standards. Unlike snacks, these should not fill a dog up and interfere with his appetite. These are meant to be very small to signal reward, and moist training treats typically work best. Use these for house training and any other sort of training, including socialization, commands, and so forth.  
Read more about Maltipoo feeding requirements which covers all the details of meals, or read about choosing healthy treats and chews for Maltipoos, or see below for recommendations for 100% wholesome, high-quality choices. Note that on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 


If there was just one supply that made life easier for both you and your Maltipoo, it's a canine playpen. Crates can be much too confining and claustrophobic for dogs, and gating off rooms often gives a dog too much space. However, a 24 or 36 inch playpen is usually ideal. This can help with:
  • House training - You'll need a method to keep your Maltipoo in one spot to avoid messes in the house. In addition, having a defined space like this allows you to place down pee pads. 
  • For when home alone - Dogs are often comforted by feeling as if they have a 'den', and a playpen can offer that. In addition, it ensures that all of your Maltipoo's aids (such as certain toys, blankets, etc.) are right within reach. 
  • Safety - If you're vacuuming, have a lot of guests over, or need your dog to be in a safe spot for any other reason, this allows you to do so, without causing feelings of isolation. 
Read more about setting up an area for a Maltipoo or see below for recommendations.

Separation Anxiety Aids

It's never easy leaving your dog home alone, and it's particularly difficult if your Maltipoo suffers from separation anxiety. This is an overwhelming fear of being alone, and can manifest with panicked behavior, destructive chewing, excessive barking, and/or restlessness (including constant pacing or obsessive self-licking). And, even after owners return home, a dog can take a while to gain his composure. 

Fortunately, there are a few things that can help:

1. Great a 'den' which by canine instinct relays feelings of safety and security. This can be done with the aforementioned playpen. Within this, have a quality bed, toys, food and water, and pee pads. 

2. Experiment with a window vs a non-window view. Some dogs like to see the outside world; but for others, this is a barking trigger. 

3. Leave on lights. Even if you'll be back before dusk, if it becomes cloudy or a storm rolls in, a darkened house often increases feelings of isolation. 

4. Have at some toys that keep your Maltipoo occupied and at least one that releases kibble. Both of these can keep a dog busy for quite some time. 

5. Have music playing; you can have a radio nearby that is tuned to an easy-listening station or play music specifically designed for canines. 

6. Offer a companion toy. These are meant to mimic a living pet, often another dog via a beating heartbeat and comforting warmth. 
Look below for recommended aids. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

Shampoo and Coat Products

Every product you do or do not put on the coat has an affect in regard to skin and coat health, and a Maltipoo's appearance. 

Shampoo - Inferior shampoos often have the wrong pH, which can cause drying. In addition, cheap soaps will irritate skin which can lead to drying, itching, etc., and will not properly cleanse away accumulated body oils. With breeds like the Maltipoo, that have hair and not fur, skin tends to be sensitive. Shampoos with soothing ingredients like aloe or oatmeal can be great to help skin retain moisture. 

Specialty Shampoo - While there are a host of skin and coat issues that can require certain specialty shampoos, the most common issue is allergy-related problems including itching, peeling, rash, and/or hot spots. A shampoo with healing and soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, neem, coconut, and/or argan oil can help. 

Conditioner - Right after shampooing, hair cuticles are open. So, it's vital to use a good conditioner. It will work to help close the cuticles, leading to a nice, soft texture. Additionally, if a conditioner is too oily, it will not rinse out well, and this can cause the coat to lie flat. 

Leave-in conditioner - A daily conditioning spritz serves many purposes. It helps protect against contact friction, helps prevent split ends, helps prevent tangles, helps repel dirt and debris, offers a layer of protection against arid air in the winter and the effects of the sun in the summer, and can keep a dog smelling super clean in between baths. 
Read more about the best shampoos and coat products for Maltipoos or see below for recommendations. Note that on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 


A common mistake is stockpiling a huge collection of toys; if thought is not put into this, most will be ignored. But, if you think of toys as being tools, you'll see that certain ones can help with a range of needs: 

Teething toys - Teething puppies can experience overwhelming itching and discomfort, which causes strong urges to chew. Properly sized toys with nubs that have the right amount of flexibility can help. 

Interactive toys - Whether you'd like your dog to occupy himself once and a while at home, or you wish that your Maltipoo was able to say busy while you're away from home, the right toys can keep a dog entertained and focused. Usually, interactive toys that speak work very well for this. 

Treat-dispensing toys - These are great to keep a dog busy and as a method to offer food while you're away. These can be filled with kibble, or a mixture of kibble and 100% pure, smooth peanut butter. 

Owner playtime toys - Playing games like fetch with your dog is easy and a great way to bond. In addition, having short sessions of cardio is a terrific way to let a dog blow off steam and release pent-up energy. After 15 to 20 minutes, you'll have a dog that feels physically and emotionally satisfied, and ready to relax inside the house. 

Note, that there is one other type of toy, a companion toy, and this is covered under Separation Anxiety Aids
Read more about choosing the best toys for Maltipoo puppies and dogs or see below for our top recommendations. On mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 items in the grouping. 

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