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Maltipoo Articles


Here, we have a round up of some of the articles found within the site, ranging from behavior to care and a few miscellaneous ones. 

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Behavior Related

Why is My Maltipoo Acting Hyper?

Answering why a Maltipoo puppy or dog may be acting uncharacteristically hyper, with an overload of energy and unable to calm down. 
Can a Maltipoo Become Depressed

While it's normal for dogs to have mood swings (after all, they can't act overwhelmingly happy all of the time), it is possible for a dog to sink into a depressed more. Learn the signs, why this can occur and steps you can take to help your Maltipoo feel better. 
How Much Should My Maltipoo Be Sleeping

Covering how much sleep is normal for puppies, adults and seniors. Also, ways to help a puppy or dog have a more comfortable sleep. 
Is it Normal for My Maltipoo to Keep Yawning?

A reader writes in asking why her Maltipoo suddenly started yawning a lot. We go through the possible causes of this. 
Why is My Maltipoo Licking His Rear

While most dogs will randomly lick different parts of their body, too much attention to any one particular area often points to an underlying problem. 

Care Related

The reasons why a puppy or dog can have an odd odor even right after bath time and even if he looks perfectly clean. Steps to help keep your Maltipoo smelling nice and clean. 

There are several reasons why a Maltipoo may have bad mouth odor; this covers the reasons why, steps you can take at home to resolve this and red flags of more serious issues. 

Other Questions

Are Maltipoos Hypoallergenic?

Though this breed is often touted as being hypoallergenic, it is very possible to be allergic to a Maltipoo or any other breed that has hair as opposed to fur. See why this can happen and things you can do to try and improve the situation. 
Maltese Vs Maltipoos - A side-by-side comparison of the purebred Maltese dog and the hybrid Maltipoo. Photos, coat color differences, size, health, and more.
Poodles Vs Maltipoos- Interesting comparison with lots of photo comparisons. Side-by-side stats, size, color, health, grooming, care, and more.
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