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Maltipoo Toys

Toys are Tools

Think of your Maltipoo's toys as being tools. Each should serve a specific purpose. Depending on the age of your dog, a dog toy will be:
  • A comforting item
  • A chewing object to help with teething
  • A focus item to prevent boredom
  • A soothing sense of security when left home alone
  • A way for your and your Maltipoo to bond

Teething Toys

Teething is a difficult time for both puppy and owners. It brings about intense itching and a need to chew. 

If you have the right toys and supplies, it will be easier to navigate this phase. 
Maltipoo with toy
Photo courtesy of Melanie Day
Starting at 3 to 4 months old and ending between 7 to 9 months, an owner needs to focus on obtaining specific toys that will aid in soothing the aches and pains of the teething process. Additionally, having the right doggie toys will help your pup concentrate on his own belongings and not chew on household items. 

It should be noted that at this time, any dangerous objects such as electrical wires and any important items such as pocket books, wallets and shoes should be put away at a height that your puppy cannot reach.

For teething toys, you'll want one of an appropriate size, that are durable, and importantly are designed with soft nubs and/or a variety of textures. In this way, a puppy can maneuver the toy to the areas in his mouth that are itchy at any one particular time. 

Nylabones often work great, as do small rope toys. You may also find that offering ice cubes (plain or flavored) can help with the discomfort that comes along with teething. And of course, keep your Maltipoo within his playpen any time that he is home alone or when you cannot keep a very close eye on him. 
Maltipoo with toy in mouth
Khaleesi, 5 months old
Photo courtesy of Kristina

Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

All dogs like to chew, but to varying degrees; and chewing is not limited only to teething pups. Dogs of just about every age may like to work their jaws and occupy themselves by working on a toy.

The degree to which a Maltipoo is able to chew apart a toy will depend on his overall size, his individual jaw strength and the level of enthusiasm that he has with the toy. 

If you find that your Maltipoo is ripping apart his basic toys in a short amount of time, this often warrants choosing a few toys for aggressive chewers.

While no dog toy is completely indestructible, there are some great options:

Kongs - These come in 4 different levels, which are color coded. Kongs that are black are referred to as 'extreme' and are made for really strong chewers. Luckily, these also come in small sizes.

Mr. Play- These are really great both for teething pups and Maltipoos of any age that like to chew. These have the bumpy textures that dogs love and geared toward smaller dogs. 

Hurley - Guaranteed to last and manufactured in Montana, these are pretty great too. 

Toy to Cure Boredom

At the basic core of every dog toy purchase, is an owner's hope that the item will make a dog happy... that it will actually be used and that it will meet the needs that the dog has.

So, of course, it can be extremely disappointing if a toy is ignored. 

In addition, this can go beyond just wanting a Maltipoo to be entertained. When a puppy or dog is home by himself, feeling confident that he will have toys that keep him busy is important.

What you'll want to look for are a few good toys that entice a dog to play. The best method for this are toys that literally call out to a dog. 
Maltipoo with lots of toys
Samara Athena, 5 months old
Photo courtesy of Candice H.
Toys that let out funny noises or those that speak are incredibly useful. This can keep a dog busy for quite a while and can definitely remove the feeling of being alone when his humans are busy or are not there. 

Toys to Cure Separation Anxiety

It can be heartbreaking when you need to leave your dog home alone, but you know that he has trouble coping. Separation anxiety is a common problem with pet owners around the world. 

There are many things that you can do to help a Maltipoo, including creating a den via a playpen and quality bed to offer a sense of security, playing music designed to keep a dog happy, and practicing desensitizing your Maltipoo to being by himself.

And a big part of this, is offering something that takes away the feelings of isolation. SnugglePets do just that. These are good sized, quality stuffed animals that mimic a living creature. They emit a rhythmic heartbeat and, optionally, a comforting warmth. With one of these companion toys, your Maltipoo is no longer alone. 

Toy Tips

1) If you find one certain toy that your Maltipoo really takes a liking to, try to obtain at least two more. If this becomes a 'favorite', you'll want to have backups and it's best to get them soon in case that particular toy becomes out of stock. 

2) Have at least 2 separate bins and keep one tucked away. By doing this, you can offer 'new' ones every other week or so.

3) Routinely wash all of your Maltipoo's toys. Rubber toys can be washed with hot water and dish soap in the sink and washable cloth ones can be put into the washing machine, using hypo-allergenic laundry detergent. 
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