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Maltipoo Growth & Maltipoo Age 


This section is to learn about Maltipoo growth and Maltipoo age. These puppies grow fast and there are many stages from newborn to senior dog. 

Toy dogs age differently than larger dogs and they go through the puppy stage quickly. Your Maltipoo will be a puppy up until the age of 1 year old at which time he will become an adult. While this seems young to many owners, this is how toy sized breeds are classified. Maltipoos that are 1 and even 2 years of age will still display puppy-like tenancies. 

You may be wondering what the age equivalent is of your Maltipoo in comparison to humans. Many people are so used to hearing the saying, "A dog ages 7 years for each human year" that they tend to believe it. However, this is not true. We now know that dogs age at varying speeds...and this depends most on the size of the dog. 

So, let's take a look at how Maltipoo dogs age and the milestones that each will go through. 
Maltipoo 7 months old male
Athos, 7 month old male 
Photo courtesy of Anna Liechty 
Maltipoo Age Equivalent Chart

Enjoy the puppy phase while it lasts; this toy breed matures very quickly up to the 6 year mark.  Once that point is reached, the aging process slows down, with only 4 human years for each dog year. This deceleration in adult aging is one of the elements that allows the Maltipoo to have such a relatively long life span.
Maltipoo         Human Equivalent         Stage
3 months         1                                       Puppy
6 months         3                                       Adolescent
1 year              7                                      Young adult
2 years            10                                    Young adult
3 years            15                                    Adult  
4 years            20                                    Adult
5 years            30                                    Adult
6 years            40                                    Adult
7 years            44                                    Adult
8 years            48                                    Adult
9 years            52                                   Senior
10 years          56                                   Senior
11 years          60                                   Senior
12 years          64                                   Senior
13 years          68                                   Senior
14 years          72                                   Senior
15 years          80                                   Senior
Maltipoo age chart
Maltipoo Growth Chart

If you are looking for a Maltipoo growth chart (or weight chart) you've come to the right place. Many owners want to know how big their canine family member will be when they are done growing. With such a variance in weight of this crossbreed the range will vary depending on how much Poodle vs Maltese genes are in the dog. Also, though the Toy Poodle should be used for breeding, some people use a Miniature, which will of course produce a much larger dog.This reference chart should give you a good idea of minimum and maximum expected weight and growth.

A general rule of thumb that holds true to many toy breeds is that you can take the weight at 4 months and double it. This should bring to within a pound or two of final adult weight.
Maltipoo Growth Chart
Maltipoo Growth and Age Milestones

Newborn - The newborn is such a fragile little puppy. Newborns are born with their eyes closed and they are not able to hear. Their most important needs at this time at nourishment, warmth and protection.

Some owners who are first time "mommies" will question about whether or not it is dangerous for a pup's eyes to be forcefully opened...pups are born with closed lids, but sometimes when the dam (mother) is licking the pups to clean them, it may be done too vigorously and lids may be licked open.

It is vitally important for an owner to protect the eyes, if this happens. If not the puppy can have vision damage. Lights should be shut off and the room must be kept almost completely dark; the only light that you should have is a small night light on the opposite wall of the room from where the puppy is. Lights can gradually be increased from the age of 3 weeks to 4 weeks.
3 weeks- At this age, the Maltipoo puppy is beginning to open his eyes. Vision will be fuzzy at first, but each day it will improve rapidly. Hearing also quickly begins to develop and it will not be long until a pup can hear and respond to their name. The newborn will also struggle to begin walking at the age...It is normal for the puppy to be "wobbly" at first, as they stretch their muscles and learn to balance correctly.

The pup will gain weight just about every day and should become pleasantly "plump".  Toward the end of this week and the very beginning of Week 4, weaning should begin.
7 week old Maltipoo puppy
6 weeks - The puppy is just about done weaning and usually enjoys venturing out a bit into the world to explore their surroundings away from the dam. The puppy must still remain out of public areas until he or she has had all of their puppy shots; however 6 week old Maltipoo dogs will love to wander around the home, seeing new things, hearing new sounds and exploring. A house must be safe-proofed as there are many dangers for a tiny puppy.

8 Weeks - At this age, in most states in the US, it will be legal (and safe) for a puppy to be given to his or her new owners. This is a big change for him or her and it is important to understand Malltipoo puppy care. 
If training has not begun, the puppy is ready.  Many breeders will begin some type of training, usually paper training, however you will want to begin to housebreak your puppy by taking him or her outside. The pup at this age will should be on a regular, full diet of solid food and be will weaned from the dam. Puppy teeth will usually be all grown in at this age. Enjoy this while it lasts, as the teething stage is soon to be coming!
4 months - A male now has live sperm and is able to mate...however if you are planning on breeding, it is strongly recommend to wait until your male is at least 9 months old.

5 to 6 months - This is the teething age ! This is a frustrating stage for both owner and Maltipoo puppy...The puppy will have very strong urges to explore and they do so by the same time they will have sore gums which causes them to want to chew even more. However, we have excellent teething advice to help both of you get through this stage. 

6 months to 1 year - It is during this time that a female will generally enter her first heat. It is strongly recommended to have your female spayed, if you will not be breeding her. Doing so will greatly reduce the possibility of certain cancers and infections. 

1 year old - This is now the age when your puppy is considered to be an adult. (With larger dogs, they become an adult at the age of 2). If you are feeding your puppy manufactured dog food, your Maltipoo can be switched over to a high quality adult dog food...or you can continue with home cooking.
Maltipoo 5 months of age
8 years to 10 years- The Maltipoo is now consider to be a senior dog. Some veterinarians will err on the side of caution and declare small dogs to be seniors at the age of 8, other wait for the double-digit age. Extra care should be taken in regard to exercise, sleep needs and more
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