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Where to Find a Maltipoo


The Maltipoo is one of the most popular hybrid dogs that exists and unlike some designer or mixed pairings that seem to be trendy for just a short time, the Maltipoo's popularity just keeps growing. A huge part of this is the enthusiasm that Maltipoo lovers have, to both seek out this wonderful breed and to spread the word about how incredibly awesome this hybrid is as a canine family member.
Bear, at 1 year old 
Photo courtesy of Susanne Mathers
One of the most common questions that we receive, is from people wanting to know where to find a Maltipoo'. Since there's no such thing as a Maltipoo Puppy Store and due to the issues of trying to avoid scams & tricks online, this section will provide detailed information regarding this.

In this section, you will find:
  • Polling results - We sent out a survey to our Members, asking where they obtained their Maltipoo. And based off of 402 Maltipoo owners, we will show you the results to this very question. 
  • We will go over some important facts to know when searching for a Maltipoo (including some very sketchy sites to avoid)
  • Signs of a healthy Maltipoo puppy, including things to look for & warning signs that something is wrong

The Quick Answer

There are many ways to find a Maltipoo puppy or dog. One of the most common and popular resources to obtain a Maltipoo is through your local animal shelter or rescue organization. You may find that you'll have to place your name on a waiting list. Since no one can predict when a Maltipoo will be coming in, it's recommended to make contact with as many shelters as possible that you consider to be within reasonable driving distance.

This said, there are other methods as well.  As you'll see ahead, the ways in which owners found their forever friend varied from Craig's List to rescuing a Maltipoo that was thrown out of a drive-thru window... to taking in a dog that a friend, neighbor or co-worker could no longer keep... to finding a Maltipoo at a pet store (not often recommended). 

There are also some owners who bought their Maltipoo from a breeder, and we'll cover that as well. 
*** If you are looking for breeders, jump right to Maltipoo Breeders

'Where did you get your Maltipoo' Poll Results

We sent out a survey to our Members, asking in what way did they obtain their Maltipoo. In order to get a good sampling, we left the poll open until we had just a bit over 400 responses. First, we'll look at the overall results and then dive deeper into more specifics. 
Screenshot of polling results (best viewed from desktop or tablet):

Locations, Countries

Locations and # of people who responded:

U.S. 340
Canada 12
Australia 8
Trinidad and Tobago 7
Switzerland 6
United Kingdom 5
Mexico 5
Philippines 4
Unknown 15

Breakdown of Results - Percentages, Most Popular Sources

As you can see, the largest percentage of respondents (19%, 79 people) answered "A shelter, I was placed on a waiting list'. In 2nd place (14%, 58 people) was 'Another way' (which we will dive into in more detail in just a bit) and in 3rd place (13%, 54 people) was 'A Maltipoo breeder that I found by searching the web'.

However, since we made such detailed answers as part of the owner survey, when you take a look at all of the answers together in groupings, it looks like this:
  • All answers of any sort of shelter or rescue = 34% (144 owners) Note that a 'rescue specifically for Maltipoos' did receive 1 count, however shows as 0 in the % results due to it being less than 1%)
  • All answers of any sort of breeder = 31% (131 owners)
  • All other answers (including 'other' which some did and some did not add additional info, online listings, knowing someone who had a litter and finding/rescuing the Maltipoo themselves added up to 35% (144 owners).
*** It should also be noted that many of the people who chose 'Another way', then offered details that were the equivalent of either a shelter or breeder (more ahead)

List of Shelters Where Maltipoos were Obtained

It is important to note that shelters and many rescues do not plan on which type of dog they are going to receive. The only exception is if a plan in underway to confiscate dogs from a particular backyard breeder or puppy mill. Therefore, while we are listing out the replies that we received via the survey, this does not mean that any of these shelters will definitely have more Maltipoos (though they certainly may). 

However, the vital key takeaway to this, is that adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue is an extremely popular method of finding a Maltipoo. 

Let's see which shelters and rescues adopted out Maltipoos to the owners who answered this survey and then we'll get into more detail on how to go about finding Maltipoo at a shelter near you. 

*** Note that for those who clicked off 'another way' yet entered details of finding a Maltipoo at a shelter, are included here. 
Results - Shelters listed in alphabetical order by state. This shows state, city/town, name of shelter or rescue

Alaska (Wasilla) - Shelter not specified

Arizona (Scottsdale) - Foothills Animal Rescue

Arkansas (Maumelle) - Maumelle Animal Services
Arkansas (Bella Vista) - Bella Vista Animal Shelter

California (Tueolomne) - Shelter not specified
California (Simi Valley) - Shelter not specified
California (Walnut Creek) -  Nor Cal Poodle Rescue
California (San Diego) - Maltese and More Rescue
California (San Diego) - Thrive Animal Rescue 
California (Fresno) - ASPCA
California (Los Angeles) - Smash Face Rescue
California (Oakland) - Oakland Animal Services 
California (Corona del Mar) - Lovebugs Rescue
California (Orange) - Orange County Animal Shelter
California (Rosamond) - Second Hand Animals

Colorado (Glenwood Springs) - Colorado Animal Rescue

Connecticut (New Haven) - New Haven Animal Shelter
Connecticut (Bethel) - Danbury Animal Welfare Society

Florida (Boca Raton) - Tri County Animal Rescue
Florida (Orange Park) - Clay County Safe Animal Shelter

Georgia (Atlanta) - Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption

Idaho (Idaho Falls) - Snake River Animal Shelter 

Indiana (Indianapolis) - Humane Society of Indianapolis 

Iowa (Iowa City ) - AIowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center

Louisiana (New Orleans) - SPCA

Massachusetts (Methuen) - MSPCA

Minnesota (Eden Prairie) - Secondhand Hounds  

North Carolina (Apex) - All 4 Paws Animal Hospital (was in foster care)

New Hampshire - Animal Rescue League

New Jersey (Tenafly) - Pet ResQ, Inc. 

New York (Portchester) - Savings Paw Rescue
New York (Yonkers) - Yonkers Animal Shelter 

Ohio (Marietta) - Humane Society of the Ohio Valley

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) - Western Pennsylvania Humane Society 

Tennessee - Greeneville - LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary
Tennessee (Madisonville) - Monroe County Animal Shelter

Texas (McKinney) - Sheree's Dog Rescue

Virginia (Portsmouth) - Portsmouth Humane Society 

Wyoming (Laramie)- Laramie Animal Shelter 

Tips for Finding a Maltipoo at a Shelter/Rescue

Since the majority of owners have found their Maltipoo at a shelter or rescue, and this is the method that we highly recommend, you can too! It just takes a bit of time, patience and understanding about how it works. 

What to expect and not expect:

1) Do not expect a certain color. As you may know, the Maltipoo comes in a wide range of colors. From white to black and just about everything in between. If you have your heart set on one particular color, such as apricot or silver beige, you may be waiting forever.  In addition, it is extremely common for Maltipoos to have a color change, so the puppy color you see is not often the adult color. 

2) Do not expect a certain age. Dogs at shelters will range from little pups to full grown adults and seniors. While many people do want to have young puppies, do keep in mind that Maltipoos that are a bit older also adoption into a  loving home. Depending on the particular dog's history, he may be better prepared to enter a new home than a puppy. 

3) Not all shelter dogs have behavioral or other issues. Some have been turned in because an owner could not care for them anymore, was moving to a new place that didn't allow dogs, etc. Most shelters assess a dog's emotional state. So, do not be shy to ask questions. The staff should be able to tell you if the dog tends to be timid, how he gets along with other dogs and cats, to what degree - if any - the dog is house trained and more. 

In addition, some shelters train dogs before they are adopted out, for both for commands and socialization to help make the transition to their new family easier.

4) Shelter dogs can be healthy dogs. While nothing can be guaranteed, in well-run shelters, dogs are given a full health exam, are de-wormed, receive vaccinations, are spayed/neutered and may receive a microchip. In addition, once they are rescued, formally malnourished dogs are fed well and not released to new homes until they are strong and ready for it. 
How to find a Maltipoo to adopt from a shelter:

1) Go to more than one shelter. You greatly increase your odds of finding a Maltipoo to adopt if you visit more than one facility. So, perform a search for all shelters in your area that are within reasonable driving distance. Depending on where you live this can be anywhere from 2 to 10 and the more, the better.

2) Ask to be placed on a waiting list for a Maltipoo. if a Maltipoo is not at the shelter, this does not mean that one is not on its way! This gives you your best chance.  Some places will charge a small fee that holds your spot for various lengths of time, usually for 1 year. The fees can range from $20 to $100, but typically are refundable if your dog of choice does not arrive there. 

Pet Stores That Sold/Sell Maltipoos

About pet stores:

We must proceed with caution here. In fact, we were quite surprised to see many pet stores in the survey. Where we are based, in Massachusetts, there are almost no pet stores left at all that sell puppies. This is, for the most part, due to a strong push to rid the state of puppy mills.

You see, many pet stores obtain their puppies not from small at-home breeders, but from large mills that mass-produce puppies. It can be quite disheartening. Dams can be forced to produce litters over and over sometimes until they die from exhaustion. Puppies and dogs are forced into very small cages with no room to even stand up. The pups are never socialized. They are just numbers, produced solely for profit and not for the love of the breed.

This is not to say that every pet store in the entire country or overseas has pups from mills. However, do be careful if you are thinking of getting a Maltipoo puppy in this way.

We struggled a bit, as to whether or not we should place the names of the pet stores here, from the submissions that we received. We ultimately decided to err on the side of caution and not list them. This in no way reflects the health, adorableness or quality of Maltipoos that were bought from stores. Rather, we do not want to add anything that could ever be misconstrued as supporting mills. 

Answers that were 'Another Way'

Other ways:

Sometimes, finding a Maltipoo comes as a surprise. Here is a selection that shows the various alternative ways that Members found their Maltipoos;
I got my little guy from a young lady who realized a puppy was too much work and commitment for her at that particular time.
A lady that was staying in an Irvine hotel had two Maltipoos. She no longer could support the puppies. My dearest uncle took them off her hands and now one 2 yr old Maltipoo, Ace, lives in Menefee, CA and the other Obi-wan lives with me in Santa Ana. We love them so much.
Our Maltipoo was a gift from our son and daughter-in-law.
I found Samantha online; she was dropped off at the NYCCA, supposedly she was to be put to sleep until the foster care person saw her online and asked to pick her up. She was 5 then and she is 7 now. She is adorable, smart and well-trained. 
A neighbor of mine had bought their college daughter the dog and because of the college rules she was unable to keep her. I therefore rescued her at 9 months, she is really a love!
A friend moving to Chicago could not have a dog in an apartment and gave him to us.
Mollie was given to us from a good friend who bred her Maltipoo so that she could give one to me. Her reasoning was because I was going through a very difficult time taking care of my sister as she fought pancreatic cancer. After she died we took Mollie back to our home in Florida where she has helped me though some really tough days.
The breeder was a hobbiest ...a farmers wife who bred her Maltese with a neighbors white poodle. Scooter was the liveliest puppy in the litter and at 9 years old is still energetic tand loves to play. Best, smartest, sweetest, funniest most adorable dog in the whole world! 
Someone in another city, close to where we live was illegally bootleg breeding. We rescued Brody from a box of puppies, barely 4 weeks old for free. Breeder was arrested. We were thankful in rescuing Brody from this horrible situation. He will be 4 in December.
I found my Maltipoo in a local newspaper want ad listing.
Free to good home on a yahoo group. Family was relocating to foreign country as Missionaries.
My sister has 1 Maltipoo and decided to get her a companion, so she got a sweet little male. But, he impregnated her female before she had him neutered (he wasn't very old). They had one litter and she gave the puppies to family members at no cost. We all love them! She does not plan to breed them anymore. She had the male neutered.
I volunteered at a shelter. One of the other volunteers found her. He said she (the dog) reminded him of the dog in Disneys "Lady and the Tramp" because the hair on her ears was real long, so he named her Peg. I just kept the name.
A man threw him out the window at a drive thru.
I was walking in my neighborhood, thinking about all of the people here that walk their dogs and how I really wanted to get serious about getting a pup. And there, huddled in the bushes to my right, was my little guy. I brought him home, fed him, cleaned him up. We put out flyers all around for a month. No one claimed him. But he claimed my heart from the first second. 
A very messy/loud/rude person that used to live behind my apartment one street back moved out one day and left all his junk behind. And he also left a couple of treasures, his two dogs. My friend took in the one that appeared to be a Jack Russell mix and I took in my little Belle. I had no idea what kind of dog she was, I found your site that night, doing a search. 
List of Maltipoo Breeders - Based only on survey results and weeded through, to some extent, by us.
How to choose a healthy Maltipoo puppy - Things to look for, red flags and how to choose the right puppy for you. 
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