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Maltipoo Clothes

Why Certain Maltipoo Clothes May be Needed

When it comes to toy and small breed dogs, clothing is not just an accessory or a way to make your pup look stylish. There are legitimate reasons to place certain types of clothing on a dog.

With a single coat of hair (not fur) and a propensity toward dry skin, a layer of clothing can go a long way in offering protection during certain weather conditions.

In addition, toy sized dogs have harder time regulating body temperature than their larger counterparts. Adding a warm sweater or a quality vest can keep a puppy warm and avoid shivering issues.  Paws should be protected also, so we'll talk about this too.
Maltipoo clothes
Izzy, Photo courtesy of LaTanya Keough
Maltipoo wearing winter coat clothes
Bella Donna, Photo courtesy of Keane Nelson

Cold Weather

The size of this dog along makes him or her more vulnerable to weather changes. While you'll want to avoid bringing your Maltipoo out in severe weather, a good piece of clothing is often all that is needed to change dog that is timid of winter into one that does not mind being outside with you. 

If you live in an area that has cold, harsh winters, you will find that clothing is helpful for:
  • Protection against the elements. You'll want there to be a layer of protection between the outside weather elements and your Maltipoo's coat. Wet snow, particularly, hitting the coat will almost immediately be absorbed.
Once this happens, a dog can get chilled very easily. 

This can lead to shivering and a full-body discomfort that can get in the way of important tasks such as receiving proper amounts of exercise, and staying outside long enough for bathroom needs.
  • To keep your Maltipoo comfortable so that he will be willing to go outside - often a big issue when it comes to house training or being able to keep the dog outside long enough to maintain exercise requirements.
The paws should be protected as well; though you can choose between shoes and a quality paw wax (more ahead). 

Tip: Since a harness (not a collar) is recommended any time that a Maltipoo is on leash, when it comes to winter coats, look for clothing that has a harness connector hole sewn into the back of the garment. It'll look like a button hole. This way, your puppy or dog can wear his regular harness, with his coat on top. The harness ring will be lined up with the hole, allowing the leash to easily be attached. 
harness vest for Maltipoo
Bella Renee, Photo courtesy of Adrian W.

Harness Vests

This is a clothing and accessory item that is a great piece to have. 

Why a harness? Both the toy Poodle and the Maltese are very prone to collapsed trachea. Hybrid vigor does not protect a Maltipoo for this issue; and so the Maltipoo is very prone to this as well.

This is a genetic weakness in the trachea rings. Injury can trigger this to occur.  The most common way for this to develop due to trauma is when a dog is on leash with just a collar on. Any tugging, lunging, etc. puts all pressure onto the dog's neck. And this can wear on the cartilage rings or in some cases, cause a sudden collapse. 

You can avoid this and keep your Maltipoo happy and healthy by using a harness when on leash. And one of the easiest (and cutest) methods of doing this is to use a harness vest. This is a vest that slips on the dog, with a metal connector that rests between the back shoulder blades.

This type of accessory clothing disperses pressure across a dog's chest, back and shoulders and keeps any force and tension away from the neck.
These vests can be found in all sorts of colors and designs and are easy to slip on.  Look for a quality fabric that will not fray and is easy to wash.

Winter Vests and Coats

When the temperature is below freezing, it will be time to opt for serious outerwear that can help a small dog maintain his core body temperature. It's incredibly unhealthy for a dog's exercise to be limited during cold months; the goal should be to provide adequate outdoor activity and walking year-round. 

In addition, staying inside due to the cold can limit or even reverse important housebreaking, and lack of activity can cause a dog to feel restless with too much pent-up energy not being released in a positive manner. 

So, unless the temperatures are in the negatives or there is a major storm, try to bundle up your Maltipoo and head out. 

You may want to opt for a water-resistant fabric, depending on how often there is cold rain or wet snow where you live.

For the Maltipoo, a lined winter vest is a good choice. It allows for freedom of movement, and the right one can provide enough protection to keep the puppy or dog comfortable when outside in the winter. Fleece is a great choice for fabric; these are very comfortable, the material makes for easy on-and-off and these work well to keep a dog warm. 

Don't Forget About Protecting the Paws

Paws can really take a beating from all of the outdoor elements, but much more so in the summer and winter. Summer brings about issues of hot pavement, which can cause burns in under 3 minutes. 

Winter brings about issues of road salt and ice melt chemicals (which are often brought into neighborhoods via vehicles), snowballing (tiny ice or hard snow pieces getting wedged between toes or paw pads), and the general problem of a Maltipoo standing or walking on freezing surfaces. 

After all, paws are just skin; the cold can permeate through them and they can become very dry or even cracked due to exposure. 

Generally, it is advised to protect the paws by routinely applying a quality paw wax. A good wax will be absorbed quickly (under 10 seconds), will allow the paws to breath, and will add a layer of protection.

Of course, if you think that your Maltipoo would be tolerant of shoes or booties, this is an option as well. Look for good fitting booties that have Velcro fittings to allow an adjustable fit. 
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