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Maltipoo book
The PetMaltipoo Book
* New Edition

We are proud to offer the only Maltipoo book that you will ever need.

This is the most comprehensive, helpful Maltipoo book that exists.

And it's only available exclusively here on our website!
Features in this Book

 • An intense Color Chapter, showing every colored Maltipoo that exists…Photos and facts regarding each color and possible markings.

 • In depth Breeding Chapter- For owners who have never had a pregnant mPoo before to breeders who need details that other breeders will not give out. The Breeding Chapter explains all about health concerns, how to pair dogs, breeding for color, gene information and so much more. Breeders simply do not share their knowledge, and this blocks others out. You will be able to breed with pride and gain the knowledge needed to succeed and have healthy, happy mPoo.

• 24 Maltipoo specific Behavioral Chapters - Perfect detailing of Maltipoo behavior, training for each quirk. What is normal and what is not.

 • 34 Maltipoo specific Health Chapters - Understand Maltipoo physical wellness to take excellent care of your and as he or she grows older. See how to diagnose issues. Learn about treatment you can give at home and when you must bring your mPoo to the veterinarian.

 • Super Helpful, Step-by-Step guide for all socialization training (a 'book within a book')- With dogs (both "known" and "unknown"), visitors, strangers, and situations. Such a wonderful, perfect guide for building self confidence and restraint, allowing a MPoo to be social, very well-behaved and happy!

 • Full and complete grooming details.. bathing, nails, trims, eyes, ears and teeth! Your Maltipoo will be looking perfect!

 • Extremely detailed house-training and command training, with photos to explain and step-by-step guidelines to follow.... You'll have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.

 • Care guides for every situation: Indoor activity, outside exercise, situation socializing, summer care, winter care and more.

• Newborn Care, Senior Care & EVERYTHING in between. Females, Males, Puppies, Adolescents, Adults, This truly book has it all.
As the writers of the PetMaltipoo Book, we feel that we have a deep responsibility to bring all of our combined knowledge to the Maltipoo owner. Trainers, Animal Behaviorists and other professionals do not give out too much information. This is because they want to keep taking your money, and that is not fair to you. And the idea of ALL owners being able to have the needed knowledge regarding Maltipoos is one of the motivating factors and driving forces that encouraged us to help owners by creating this book...And this is our new-edition: bigger and more helpful than ever!

This book is for the parent of a Maltipoo who is tired of reading the same old things and is seeking detailed, factual, helpful information on every topic possible. 

This book is Maltipoo-specific comprehensive direct help. No "fluff" is added to this book. Our goal was not to write a big book (though it ended up being almost 500 pages!), it was to create a resource that offered everything you want and need in one place.
Those who have this book find themselves saying, "Now I understand!" and "Oh, that is why my Maltipoo is doing that!" Training is given in detailed, yet easy to understand ways, an owner can begin any training immediately:

 • Commands
 • Heeling - With traffic and other distractions
 • Getting Along with Other Dogs
 • Getting Along with Cats
 • Aggression
 • Severe Aggression
 • Behaving well around a baby
 • Barking -Training for each different reason of barking
 • Digging
 • EVERY single aspect of housebreaking - What breeders should be doing before you bring your MPoo puppy home, pee pads, outdoor training, crating, how to deal with accidents, nighttime issues, setting things up for "home alone", training the older Maltipoo
 • A HUGE Socialization Chapter - Step-by-step training, covering in DETAIL all aspects: Other dogs, Visitors, Strangers, New Places. This alone is the equivalent of its own book! (and is just one of the super-wonderful extras that is part of our new-edition book!)
And this is just the training sections!
What Maltipoo owners are saying about this book...

" How nice that this book recognizes the Maltipoo for being its own special breed and that a book exists specifically for the Maltipoo. To have everything, feeding, care, health, behavior, all wrapped up on one book, I couldn't ask for anything better! Thank you, this book has been tremendously helpful!" - Sarah Marshall 

"I was really tired of buying book after book, with general information. I want to thank you for this one of a kin [sic] Maltipoo book. We've made so much progress with training. The socialization section is excellent. I highly recommended. Feel free to use my name." Karen Taterlly 

 " Things were a bit out of control here, with having 2 Maltipoos, one young (5mths) one older (6 yrs). Thank you, thank you, thank you for this book! We didn't think a book like this actually existed and we're so happy to have it" - Mark and Jennifer Connors 

 "Working hard to become a reputable Maltipoo breeder, I must say how extremely helpful your book has been. The x-ray is just one standout feature. It's quite invaluable and I thank you for your contributions to the wonderful Maltipoo." Maltipoo Magic (program beginning soon!)
As your Maltipoo's parent, it is up to you to make your mPoo as happy and healthy as possible...and to do it easy, without stress (on your or your dog) and to reach your dog-owner goals quickly and proudly. Trainers and other professionals will charge you too much in person.... upwards to $200 a session. Keep that money. Vets do not take the time to explain everything, that is why there are so many owners in the waiting rooms, confused about what is happening. Animal Behavioral Experts will not tell you what they know, or they would need to stop taking your money. Breeders keep their information close to the vest.

Our goal was to create a Maltipoo book like no other, literally to be the best Maltipoo book in the world...And we have succeeded. If you are looking for a Maltipoo resource, we hope that you take advantage of this opportunity to have a book that will keep your mPoo happy and healthy, for his or her entire life. 
You'll Find this Book Very Helpful if You Answer Yes to the Following...
  • Are you tired of generic books that don’t really help you?
  • Do you wonder if you’re doing all that you can for your Maltipoo's emotional health?
  • Do you want to understand your Maltipoo's behavior?
  • Do you know that there is so much information out there…but you don’t know where it is or how to obtain it?
Once you purchase your PetMaltipoo Book, any time we update the book, you will receive a new, updated version for free, for life.
Book Format: We have looked into the option of a hard copy book, however with being so many pages and with all of the colored photographs, the price would be astronomical. Therefore, in order to keep this book affordable for you, this book is a PDF format eBook... Place it on your computer now & then place it on your tablet, Kindle and/or phone too!
To celebrate the launch of our new-edition PetMaltipoo Book, we are offering a 30% discount.
List Price: $15.00
      *Price: $8.99
You Save: $6.01 (30%)
*limited time introductory price

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