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Maltipoos on Halloween

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About Having a Maltipoo on Halloween 

Halloween is such a fun time of the year to have a puppy or dog. But, it also comes with some challenges. A couple of the best parts of this October holiday is having an excuse to dress up your Maltipoo in a cute Halloween costume. It's also fun to have your Maltipoo greet trick-or-treaters or walk the neighborhood with you, if your puppy or dog is good with things like that.

However, if your Maltipoo finds lots of vistiors or crowds to be overwhelming, this can be a hiccup, but there are some things you can do to help.

This section will cover some adorable Maltipoos in costume (see below on how to send in your dog's photo), costume buying tips, some super-adorable Halloween costume choices, and advice for a fun and safe Halloween. 

Photos of Maltipoos in Halloween Costumes

Will you be dressing up your Maltipoo in a costume this Halloween 2017? If so, take some cute pics! Send them to us at: Let us know:
  • Your Matipoo's name and age
  • What your Maltipoo is dressed up as
  • Your name as you wish for it to appear
We'll add your Maltipoo's pic to the slideshow above!

Halloween Costume Tips

Do dogs like getting dressed up? 

Many dogs, young and old alike, enjoy being dressed up for Halloween. The main reason is all of the pampering and attention that they receive; both from their humans and from everyone who sees them in costume. So, if you're wondering if your Maltipoo would enjoy being in costume, unless he/she has shown an intolerance for clothing, the answer is probably a huge 'yes'. 
Another reason why dogs, and particularly toy sized breeds and those that have hair as opposed to fur, tend to like being dressed up, is that having an extra layer of clothing is comforting. This breed can have a bit of trouble maintaining body temperature and feeling comfortable if there's a chill in the air; so, a costume that is made from a soft, warm material is often appreciated right at the end of October when the weather is rather nippy. 

If you find that your puppy or dog enjoys his costume and wonder if he'd like something on non-Halloween days or if you are concerned about your Maltipoo staying warm throughout the fall and winter, you may want to look into having a few pieces of quality clothing like sweaters or vests. 
Bow, photo courtesy of Cecille
Will wearing a costume do anything to my Maltipoo's coat? 

As long as the costume is not overly tight and is only worn for a few hours, it will not damage the coat in any way. However, depending on the material, your puppy or dog may get the canine equivalent of 'hat hair' and/or there can be a bit of static cling'. 

You can avoid this by misting the coat with a quality leave-in conditioner before placing the costume on your Maltipoo. A leave-in is always recommended at any rate since there are so many benefits. It:
  • Protects the coat from everyday contact friction
  • Helps keep tangles at bay
  • Helps the hair retain moisture
  • Adds a layer of protection to prevent split ends
  • Helps prevent breakage when brushing
  • Give the coat a nice texture
  • Helps the coat repel dirt, debris, and even small urine splashes
  • Helps keep a puppy or dog smelling nice
Tips: You do not have to use a lot, a light mist is all that is needed. Spitz in sections, about 1/2 inch from the roots, brushing down to distribute the product.  If your Maltipoo has dry ends, spray some leave-in into your palms and scrunch it into the ends. 
A really great leave-in is The Stuff. This is hypoallergenic and has a very light, clean scent. 
If you're looking for something to help your Maltipoo smell super fresh and clean, look to Nootie Daily Spritz. These come in several fragrances including coconut lime, cucumber melon, Japanese cherry blossom, sweet pea & vanilla, and warm vanilla cookie.

Costumes for Maltipoo Puppies and Dogs

Whether you want to dress up your Maltipoo for fun at home, or want your dog to join in as you walk around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, here's a look at some really cute costumes found on Amazon. These comes in a range of sizes, and most will fit Maltipoos. 

Note that on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4 in each grouping. 

Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween with Your Maltipoo

If you'll be taking your Maltipoo walking around the neighborhood:

• Keep an eye out for young children that may slip a candy to your puppy or dog, not realizing that chocolate is toxic to canines. 

• If you'll be doing lots of walking, and are not sure if it'll be too much for your Maltipoo, or if you're unsure of how your puppy or dog will handle being around lots people, you may want to consider using a carry sling to keep your Maltipoo up high. One like the i'Pet Hands-free Sling Carrier holds dogs up to 12 pounds. 

• Keep an eye out for houses that have spooky decorations. Scarecrows that jump out, creepy music, and/or sudden flashing lights can really scare a dog. It may be best to avoid these houses. 

If you'll be staying home with your Maltipoo: 

• Decide if you want your Maltipoo to 'assist' you in handing out candy. Often, being allowed in on the action prevents a dog from being bothered by constant doorbell ringing. If weather permits it, you can sit outside your door with your dog on leash to hand out candies, or remove the screen or glass in your storm door to hand out treats that way. 

• If the commotion of Halloween is too much for your Maltipoo to handle without becoming distressed, have someone man the door while you keep your dog occupied in another room. If need be, keep things short by shutting off your outdoor light to signal to trick-or-treaters that you are not handing out candy. 
Don't forget! If you'll be dressing up your Maltipoo in a Halloween costume, send in some cute pics to us at As we get closer to Halloween 2017, we'll place them here on this page! 
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