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Maltipoos on Halloween

While this year, it was a bit of an afterthought for us to ask for pics, seeing how cute Maltipoos are when dressed up in costumes on Halloween, we'll certainly start early for Halloween 2017 in asking readers & Members to send in photos! Here's the few (yet quite adorable) Maltipoos that were dressed up for Halloween 2016. 
Maltipoo dog in Halloween costume
Ivory, as Stitch
Photo courtesy of Sharon White
Maltipoo dog in Halloween Stitch costume
Coco, as Stitch
Photo courtesy of Sharon White
Baby, 1 and 1/2 years old, as an Auburn Fan 
Photo courtesy of Virginia Key
Benji as Donald
Photo courtesy of Julie
Honey, 1 year old, as a House Puppy
Photo courtesy of Robyn and Marco Bruckshaw in Allen, Texas 
Halloween Costume Tips

Many dogs, young and old alike, enjoy being dressed up for Halloween. The main reason is all of the pampering and attention that they received; both from their humans and from everyone who sees them in costume. So, if you're wondering if your Maltipoo would enjoy being in costume, unless he/she has shown an intolerance for clothing, the answer is probably a huge 'yes'. 

Another reason why dogs, particularly toy sized breeds and those that have hair as opposed to fur, tend to like being dressed up, is that having an extra layer of clothing is comforting. This breed can have a bit of trouble maintaining body temperature and feeling warm when there's a chill in the air; so, a costume that is made from a soft, warm material is often appreciated right at the end of October when the weather is rather nippy. 

If you find that your puppy or dog enjoys his costume and wonder if he'd like something on non-Halloween days or if you are concerned about him staying warm throughout the fall and winter, you may want to look into having a few pieces of quality clothing for your Maltipoo
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