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Puppy Hair Loss

Maltipoo Puppy Hair Loss

Maltipoo Coat Change

Your adult Maltipoo will have a different coat than he or she did as a puppy. Though sources will say that this breed does not shed, this is not accurate. Hairs constantly renew.  

In addition, there is a relativity major coat change that occurs as the Maltipoo transitions from puppy to adult. When complete, all puppy hair will have fallen out, to be replaced by the adult hair.

During this time there will be quite a bit of puppy hair loss. The time that it takes for this to happen will vary from dog to dog. If this phase is spread out over a long period of time, hair loss will not be as noticeable. However, if a pup has a rapid changeover, you will see a moderate to severe coat loss. 
With this said, it is important to differentiate between normal puppy hair loss due to this natural process of growing older and other coat issues for which hair loss is a symptom. 
Minor VS Moderate Puppy Hair Loss

To know if any one Maltipoo puppy would be more prone to a drastic changeover as opposed to a more subtle hair loss, we need to look at the Poodle and the Maltese for the answer, since the Maltipoo puppy is the product of both of these purebred dogs.  Elements from both breeds will come into play. Do keep in mind that when it comes to a question of puppy hair loss, it does not matter which breed is the dam (mother) nor which is the sire (father).

Poodles have a clear-cut and noticeable change from puppy coat to adult coat. Therefore, with this breed, puppy hair loss is normal and expected. It happens at just about the 1 year old mark, however with some it may happen as late as 2 years old. Since it is the Toy size that is used in breeding a Maltipoo, the 1 year old time frame will most often apply regarding this issue. Hair will fall out quiet a bit and then a lovely adult coat will set in. Most owners will find that a soft curled coat will be replaced by a more tightly packed curl coat... a more soft wiry coat by a moderate wiry coat and so forth... coat type does not often change with this breed.

With Poodles, it is typical for there to be a color change; adults hairs will grow in with a different color than the puppy hairs that they replace.  While one cannot go from black to white, there can be a lightening (fading) or a deepening of tones.  A touch of a secondary color may come in strong or it may clear out, leaving the main coat to be closer to a solid.

Maltese are a bit different...They have a slow change over from puppy coat to adult coat that is not as noticeable... many owners do not notice it at all. It generally begins between the ages of 10 to 14 months old. It is not severe in most cases...hairs will slowly fall out to be replaced by adult hairs.

Therefore, if a Maltipoo has more Poodle in her than Maltese, it is highly possible that the puppy hair loss that is experienced will be very noticeable and with color change as well. 
Maltipoo puppy hair loss
Signs of a Possible Issue

If a puppy appears to be having this change and is between 10 months old to 16 months old, there is usually nothing to worry about. However, if this happens at a much earlier age, say 3 or 4 months...or if it happens much later, say perhaps 2 to 3 years old, then it most likely cannot be an issue of puppy coat loss...It will most often be a medical issue that is causing the hairs to fall out.

As discussed on the Maltipoo Hair Loss page, there are several conditions that can cause this....many stem from skin problems..If a dog's skin is not healthy it will affect the hair follicles and thus, in turn, affect the coat.

If your dog is at the right age and there are no skin issues, an owner should not worry. However, one should carefully inspect the body for any signs that something is wrong with the skin...Also one should remember and take note that a skin issue does not need to be present all over the dog's body....For example, a problem on the legs can affect the entire coat.  

If the coat is thin enough to see the skin when it is gently pushed to the side, an inspection can be done at any time. Others find it easier to have a close look when the Maltipoo is wet after bath time. Here is a list of things to look for that are signs that there is quite possibly a skin issue that is affecting puppy hair loss:
  • Sores
  • Rashes
  • Red marks
  • Raised areas (discolored or not)
  • Intense chewing or licking of the skin (any part of the body....paw, leg, etc.)
  • Severely thinning areas
  • Balding areas
If an owner see any of the above, it is time for a visit to the veterinarian to determine the cause and to see if it is affecting the coat. 
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