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We have already discussed the poll results to the question of 'where did you get your Maltipoo' and the majority of owners either adopted their little one from a shelter / rescue or found him another way, which included everything from literally finding him to taking in a dog from a family that was moving.

Here, we'll go over:
  • Our recommended breeders
  • Some things to keep in mind when looking for a breeder
  • Results of the survey, showing breeders whom Members obtained Maltipoo puppies from
There are quite a few Maltipoo breeders across the country; and ahead you can see the results of the survey that shows ones where Members obtained their Maltipoos from.

Here, we will list breeders that receive a huge A+ from us & whom we feel comfortable personally recommending:

Maltipoo FurBabies 

Maltipoo puppies for sale, Chicago
Maltipoo FurBabies is a small home-based Maltipoo breeder located in Chicago, Illinois. 

We have over 20 years of breeding experience and we put a lot of time and effort into producing beautiful and well-socialized Maltipoo puppies. We are dedicated to the idea that high quality Maltipoo puppies should be available to everyone. We strive to produce beautiful, healthy, quality Maltipoos and it is our goal to provide families with the perfect companion. 

Our puppies are raised underfoot in my home with the greatest of love and care and have been given the best of preventative veterinary care. We only breed Maltipoo puppies. This allows us to focus our attention on the health, quality, and temperament of this breed alone. 

Our Maltipoo furbabies are bred from lines carefully chosen not only for their good health, but also for their great temperament. We maintain a line of conduct that lends the highest priority to the health and temperament of each puppy, with a breeding strategy based on the collective knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. 

We have an immense admiration for this breed, and we believe that once you know them, you love them. 

We are available for the lifetime of our puppies and consider our adoptive families to be a part of our extended Maltipoo family. We do encourage our adoptive families not to hesitate in calling or writing if they have any questions about their Maltipoo FurBabies puppy. 

References from our adoptive families are available upon request. 

We offer a wide range of colors including French Vanilla, Strawberry Cream, Apricot Chiffon, Caramel Delight, Cinnamon Red, Cayenne Pepper Red, Java Black, Platinum Silver, Parti colors, and exotic colors such as Phantoms and Sables. 

Visit our website, email us, or call us to discuss matching you with the perfect Maltipoo puppy ~ RuthAnn
Call us at:
(773) 379-6910

Beware Online - Knowing if a Breeder is Even Real

When there is a demand for something (like super cute puppies), no doubt there will also be those who pop up, trying to take advantage of people. And it's such a shame. In this day and age, scammers are working hard to trick unsuspecting puppy buyers into thinking that they've found the perfect puppy... Only there is no puppy and you've just lost your deposit. 

If you do a search for Maltipoo breeders, you may find yourself on a site, wondering if it's real. How do you know? While it is not always easy to know 100%, here are some tips:

1. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. While some breeders pay a professional to create a website, many opt to take care of that themselves, and since they are not website designers, it will show. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A big percentage of breeders may have some older looking, maybe even tacky designs. You may see lots of funny fonts in all sorts of colors. 

However, a slick rip-off artist may indeed invest money to create a 'perfect' site. You'll see perfect looking puppies and dogs and a design that was made to sucker you in, not one that was created out of love. 
2. Check out who owns the website. Use WhoIs to find out the name and location of the person who owns the site. If the breeder paid for someone to create the site, the name may be different from what you see on the page, however this method will let you know if it's someone overseas. Steer clear of anyone who claims to be in your country, but their domain is in another. 

You can also see how long the domain has been registered. If it is under a year, this is a red flag.
3. Contact information. You'll want the breeder to show their name, location, email and phone number. If you only see an online contact form, this is a red flag. If you see the phone number, look up the area code to see the location of that. 
4. Proof that the puppy exists - One of the biggest scams of all time, is that someone will steal photos of Maltipoo puppies (or even dogs that are not really Maltipoos) from other places (it's as easy as right-clicking on it) and then pretend that they have that pup.

However, an easy way to know if someone really has the pup, ask for them to send you a photo of the pup with 2 things: next to a newspaper other periodical that shows the date and next to an item of your choosing (cola can, hair brush, etc.). If they do not really have the pup, they will not be able to do this.

And any legitimate breeder (or even person with a private sale online) will not get offended if you ask for this. They will know that you have a valid concern and will be accommodating. If they act insulted or do not meet your request, steer clear of them. 
5. Check for stolen words. Scammers often do not write about their love of the breed themselves. They probably have never even owned a dog. What they may do, however, is copy and paste words from legitimate breeders. You can test this by right clicking and copying a section of their text (find an example where they are talking about themselves, their work, their passion, etc.) and then paste that into a search bar. 

If you see that the wording mostly matches from another site (it may be slightly off, if they substitute 'Maltipoo' for 'Chihuahua', etc.). If you see that the words match another's by anything over 50%, this is your sign that one of them is not for real. 
6. Realistic pricing. While it varies by state and even by the season, the typical price of a Maltipoo puppy starts around $450 and the top price can be around the $1500 to $2000 mark.  

If a person is offering a Maltipoo puppy very cheap, this is a huge red flag. For example, we received an email from someone who was in contact with a 'breeder' who offered a Maltipoo puppy for $250 and 'free shipping to your door'. We, of course, suggested that they run, not walk, away. 

Alternatively, very high pricing is also something to be wary of. Prices over $2000 are reserved for purebreds with promise in the show ring. If a Maltipoo is for sale over $2000, ask why. Perhaps one parent is a champion toy Poodle and the other is a champion Maltese. 
7. What about complaints? The web today is a rich source of information. Unfortunately, not all of it is true. When it comes to reviews such as ripoff reports and other such places, you are going to find some very real concerns that you should take to heart... and you're going to find some complaints that were done out of spite, jealousy, etc. 

We have a good friend, a Pomeranian breeder, who may just be the most loving, ethical, responsible and caring breeder that we know. And one former customer, who may just be unstable, wrote a scathing, completely false complaint. And these cannot be removed. It is there forever and has unfairly tarnished her reputation. 

And, as you may be aware, there is a huge prejudice against hybrid dogs, by some people. They will call anyone who produces Maltipoos (or Yorkiepoos or any other hybrid) a backyard breeder. Of course, if you are a Maltipoo lover, you do not need to be reminded what a Maltipoo is, that every single dog breed that exists today is the result of a pairing of two other types of dogs or the benefits of hybrid vigor

So, while you should not ignore those sorts of complaints, also see how many there are... and see if you can find other testimonials (and more of them) that counter the negatives.

Be Wary of Breeders that Push a Certain Puppy to You

A breeder that wants to make a quick sale and does not put love and dedication into their breeding program may try to push a puppy onto you or manipulate you to buy the pup. There are several things to look out for: 
  • Keeps cooing over the two of you and tell you that you are “meant to be together”
  • Tells you that the puppy has an interested buyer and you must “act quickly”
  • Keeps lowering the price if you hesitate when talking price. If their goal is just to get money…and some money is better than none…they will talk as if the puppy is a used car and keep going down in price. 
  • Talks about how a loved dog just got very sick and the sale is needed to pay for their dog’s veterinarian bills…or any excuse as to why that puppy must go home with you.

Other Breeders Whom Maltipoos were Purchased From by Our Members

We conducted a private survey, sent ONLY to PetMaltipoo Members, asking where they obtained their Maltipoo. The following shows those answers. 
Please note: 

1. In looking over the answers from the survey, we did our best in weeding out... the weeds. 
We have left out those that came with warnings from owners,
 those with a multitude of complaints lodged against them,
 those that are no longer breeding & those that do not normally offer Maltipoos. 
We also had to exclude those that we could not find online.
his said, our cursory process of elimination in no way 
should be considered complete.

2. Though some of the breeders listed here may be wonderful (and several owners did leave comments of praise),
we in NO WAY endorse any of the breeders shown below. 
These are NOT personal 
We are simply showing you the results of our survey.
Based on a private survey, only sent out to Members of the PetMaltipoo site:

Dawns Dawgs - Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

TinyPawsCastle -  Moosecreek, Ontario


All - FB - Maltipoo Puppies for Sale - This is a Facebook group that tries to match hopeful owners with available pups.

Alabama - Laura Lee Sanford, via  Next Day Pets

Arkansas (Hartford) - Moose Trot Kennels

Florida (Fort Myers) - Artistry Pups

Florida (Hudson Beach) - Darell Jones of Maltipoo Puppies

Georgia (Columbus) - Angie's Little Angels

Georgia - Sherry's Maltipoos 

*** Illinois (Chicago) Maltipoo Fur Babies (a personally recommended breeder)

Louisiana (Schriever) - The Poodle Palace

Michigan (Traverse City) - Dally's Puppies

Minnesota (Faribault) - Aria's Friends

Mississippi (Silver Creek) - Fancipoo4u

New Jersey - Xanadu  Maltipoos

Missouri (Memphis) - Emily's Pups

North Carolina (South Mills) - Majestic Maltese

Oklahoma - DFW Puppy 

South Carolina (McCormick) - Playful Pups For You

Texas (Mountain Home) - Sandra Fischer Kennels *** Note, Maltipoo puppies are not available until 2018. 

West Virginia - Debbie's Maltipoos

Wisconsin (Kendall) - Top of the Ridge Kennels

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Puppies
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